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Thursday, October 24, 2002 Flood!
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7 to 8 inches of rain fell within 2 hours, along with 2 tornadoes elsewhere in town. Below are some pictures of what went on at the Courthouse.

Several cars parked in the street next to the courthouse were lost in the water. Seen here is the water being force up out of the storm drain at the entrance to the courthouse parking lot.

Looking across Lipan Street at the flooded roads... Woman stuck in her truck being rescued. Rescuers are William Lenhart (Bailiff for the 94th District Court) and Marco DeLuna (Bailiff for the 148th District Court).


Man venturing across the flooded Lipan Street from his car. Ladies in Early Voting are trapped due to the flooded first floor of the courthouse.

  Much of the water on the first floor was coming in through the front entrance to the courthouse. Sleeping bags, chairs and other objects were used to support the glass wall as water was filling up the outside.

Judge Borchard & the maintenance crews get to work cleaning up the mess as it continues to rain outside.