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Tuesday, August 2, 2011
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A water main break last night caused damage to Lipan Street next to the Nueces County Courthouse.
Photos taken of the damage and repair work on Lipan Street.
The following photos were taken from the roof of the Nueces County Courthouse

A bird's eye view of the repair crew at work. Notice the pipe with a big hole in it above and to the left of the work crew.
A wider view of the street. Cracks, bulges and sunken parts of the street.
These photos were taken from street level on Lipan Street.

The crosswalk from a parking lot to the Courthouse. To the right of the crosswalk looking from the Courthouse.
The work crew standing in the hole they dug to fix the water main break. The edge of the street is raised several inches above the gutter.
Part of the street is raised up along a crack in the pavement. More damage to the street.
To the left of the crosswalk as seen from the Courthouse. Looking up the street toward the County Jail.
Pavement pushed up and cracked.
Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The repair work is extensive.

Looking left......
......right One of many damaged sections of the street.
The work crew was nice enough to let me take their picture. Close up of the new pipe.