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The NUECES COUNTY CHILD WELFARE BOARD was organized in 1935 and is composed of 15 members, all volunteers, appointed by the Commissioners Court. The Board Members donate their time and efforts to benefit the children of Nueces County...especially those in foster homes.

Children who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned, and have been removed from their family homes and placed in foster care.

A temporary home where a child can be safe. A home where a child is nourished with proper care. A home where a child receives hugs, kisses and love instead of hurt and neglect.

An organization whose purpose is to function as a liaison between the community and The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. The Board seeks to develop a program for the protection and well being of all children within Nueces County.

"Because We Care"
Through the years, the role played by Federal, State and Local Governments in aiding children from abusive homes has changed greatly for the better. However, there has never been enough funding to meet all the needs of such children or their foster families. Now, in times of lean budgets, tight appropriations and ever-threatened staff reductions, the Nueces County Child Welfare Board strives to fill the "gap" between the actual needs of our foster children and the government funding provided for their care.