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The Engineering section of the Department of Public Works provides civil engineering services to Nueces County in the following areas:

  1. Plan Preparation
    Prepare plans, specifications and estimates for projects such as roadway improvements and drainage work.
  2. Contract Administration
    Inspect and administer various types of construction projects that have been let to contract.
  3. Engineering Consultant Contracts
    Coordinate and administer contracts with engineering consultants.
  4. Map Preparation
    Maintain and update various maps of Nueces County, including the official Nueces County Highway Map.
  5. Surveying
    A survey crew is available whenever county operations require precise measurements of the land surface.
  6. Transportation Planning
    Provide for planning of roadway development in rural areas and coordinate the county's planning activities with those of the City of Corpus Christi, the Corpus Christi Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Port of Corpus Christi, and the Texas Department of Transportation.
  7. Subdivision Regulation
    Review proposed subdivision plats and make recommendations for approval to the commissioners' court. For more information click on Subdivision Regulations.
  8. Floodplain Regulations
    Review proposed development in floodplains in rural areas and issue development permits. For more information click on Floodplain Regulations.
  9. Master Drainage Study
    Develop a Master Drainage Plan to identify priority floodplain areas and a comprehensive study to determine factors affecting storm water drainage and infrastructure improvements to improve drainage throughout the county.
  10. Beach Management Plan
    Review proposed development for those areas of the barrier islands where disturbance of sand dunes is regulated by state law. For more information click on Beach Management Plan.
  11. Utility Permits And Geophysical Surveys
    Review proposals in install utility lines or conduct geophysical surveys in county rights-of-way. For more information click on Utility Permits.